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Jon Reed has been teaching social media marketing since its earliest days and has helped thousands of people use it via his books, blogs, lectures, workshops and courses. He previously worked in publishing for 10 years, including as publishing director for McGraw-Hill. Jon regularly runs workshops and in-house training in social media through his company Reed Media. He has taught a series of Guardian Masterclasses on social media marketing, and lectured on the subject at several UK universities including Kingston University, City University, UCL and Birkbeck, University of London. Jon is also founder of Publishing Talk, an online learning resource for new and emerging authors. Join over 300,000 Twitter followers at @publishingtalk. Follow Jon on Twitter at @jonreed, @publishingtalk or @getuptospeed.



  • Justin Cooke, Chair, British Interactive Media Association

    Packed with practical, no-nonsense insight that allows you not only to keep up but to get ahead.

  • Suzanne Kavanagh, ALPSP

    If you want to use social media to build your business, this straightforward guide will help you figure out where to start.

  • Suzanne Moore, Columnist, The Guardian

    Not to be part of the social media revolution is to miss out. Jon Reed really gets it and shows you how to join in.

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    The marketing revolution: from megaphones to martinis
    The evolution of the Web has in turn led to a marketing revolution. The change is not just in technology but in culture. Hard selling has been replaced by social engagement. Instead of indiscriminately shouting sterile corporate marketing messages at people who may or may not be interested in your product or service, today you […]
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    The mobile web: how social media grew so fast
    One of the things that has enabled the rapid growth of social media is the increased uptake of smartphones and mobile web browsing. More and more of us access the Internet on the move from our phones. The International Telecommunications Union has even predicted that mobile access to the Internet will soon overtake access from […]
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    The visual web: why images are an essential element of your social media
    Have you noticed how visual a medium the web has become recently? In some ways this is a continuation of a long term trend. I remember when the internet was all text, with the occasional picture that took forever to download. Since then, it has steadily become more visual. The web then and now is […]
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    The social web: why you need a social media presence
    When did we all join the media business? How did the internet make this possible? When British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented this thing called the World Wide Web in 1990, he could scarcely have imagined what it has become today: a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. Fully integrated into our social lives, an […]
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  • Google+ header

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    How to personalize your Google+ web address
    One of the newer social media tools, and the subject of one of the new chapters in Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing, is Google+. I know. “Not another social media tool” was my initial reaction too; especially after so many false starts and abandoned forays into social networking by Google. But it pays […]
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